Going back... home?

6 weeks went by so incredibly fast I can't even believe it's time to return to France.  Canada was a quick blip on the radar as we continue our journey across Europe! During our time home we tried to get in as many visits with family and friends as we could - some we missed and well we try and convince them to come see us in France! So far so good! A few things happen to you when you get away from it all.

Having very few friends is a great thing in a sense as it allows you to delevelop a greater bond with those who are close to you.  I count on my husband for laughs and some wine enduced venting sessions alot, certainly more then I did a year ago.  Our bond with our daughter has flourished and while everyone tells us this is such an amazing opportunity for her, we see it every day through her eyes and so grateful for that.

Connecting with friends and family during our visit was tremendous!  Everyone is so curious, questions include the day to day that is our life, is our daughter adjusting? is my English husband completely lost? But the greatest value about getting away is learning who really is a true friend.

Being away from home really has given me perspective as to what I have or had in Canada.  How fortunate I am to have been born in Canada a woman in the 70's instead of the 40's.  Isn't that the point of this of this whole thing?   Naturally we want more, better cars, bigger homes, larger paychecks but from my perspective it's all about time.  The other stuff is just things.

This next year brings should be calmer.  Without the stresses of checking in with the immigration office in December.  It may be finally time to look around and get to know this area of France and do some exploring via road trips!  I also like the idea trying to fit in the Greek Islands but with so much happening we'll opt for Italy perhaps as a cruise.  Our plan is to make the trip to NORMANDY, CAEN and to visit some war monuments.  I also really hope to get to Eastern Europe to visit some war monuments but that's wishful thinking.

While I will miss *GOLDEN PALANCE EGG ROLLS, FONTAINE SANTE HUMMUS and good old fashioned OLD DUCTH BBQ CHIPS. i'm looking forward to going back and getting settled in our new apartment and seeing what 2016-2017 has to offer us!

Stay tuned...