Addicted to Clouds

Lately my air miles have increased to "over the limit".  I've memorized the Airline menu items and duty free magazines.  Once we arrived home to Canada I took off again to California, and wow what a culture shock from France.  I was in Canada for only one week and then was hit with the USA.  I tried to walk as I am used to getting around by foot but crossing freeways can be complicated so I abandoned that idea right away. While I had an amazing time travelling, I came back exhausted and it quite literally took me a week to recover from jetlag to jetlag!

I'll skip the sob story but on my last hop from Toronto to Ottawa I sat in a small plane 2x2 as I call it, bobbing in my aisle seat and I met a great lady beside me who was with restless leg syndrome obviously worried about making her transfer flight and we of course stated to chat.  My neighbor who had initially taken my window was comfortably enjoying my seat, fast asleep and was snoring quite loudly.  It was the last flight and I was so anxious to get home, this lady whom I cannot name was such a blessing.  She was an American lawyer and her husband a Washington D.C restauranter, they were headed to her sisters wedding in New Brunswick.   Thanks to her I kept my energy up for my last leg a 2 hour drive home!

Have you ever been on a flight and you just cannot sleep, that is so me.  I'll read, eat, watch TV, listen to music, make notes, and barely try to sleep.  I felt slight nausea toward the end, just exhausted, awful dry contact lenses and an achy belly full of awful travel food yuck.  I can remember fatigue of this sort when I first had our daughter, so incredibly tired and nothing can be done about it!

I made it home but I was thinking of this lady and sure hope she made her flight.

I have a long haul coming up as we head back to France from Canada i'm dreading this flight but at least I have my family with me.  Perhaps the solution is to kill the battery on your Kobo and any other device you may have!

I love clouds I never tire of this view!