Travel and Terror

Another sad day is upon us with a "Bastille" day attack in Nice France, with a growing number of dead, many injured and so many traumatized...  We just left France weeks ago for a quick 6 week visit home in Canada and are again shocked at this horrible news.  While everyone is excited to hear about our travel stories you can see the urge to ask the daunting question on people's faces...  It's a tough question to ask and an even tougher question to answer.  How do you go back to a country that has been affected by such violence.  How do you avoid being one of the affected.  How do you ignore this, especially with a young family.

Luckily our daughter has not seen most of these reports and is pretty unaware of the attacks and that's how we'd like to keep it.  It's difficult to keep her sheletered from it as kids at school talk about it and teachers remind them of the precautions to take but while on vacation we don't bring it up.  While I think it's important to talk about it and teach her to know her surroundings I also think that exposing her to the violence that surrounds us will inevitably cause her undue stress and possibly anxiety for her little mind.  That is the choice we have made and it is ours alone, I respect other parent's choice and hope they respect ours.

Violence is everywhere, categorized differently certainly but you cannot avoid it even if you tried very hard and you'd go nuts trying.   In our travels, we are conscious of high threat countries, we don't attend all larger events but we still do go to some.  We visit obvious landmarks and sometimes yes there are large crowds, we won't be stopping that,  because there is no way of predicting where or when something will happen.  At home I travel to America frequently without concern and with the increase in gun violence if I were diligent I would remove USA from my travel list.  The point is that our daily lives are filled with risk and since we can't really avoid it I suppose we don't think that much about it and that's how I view travelling.  I do understand that are choices impact our loved ones and I will likely have the same worry when our daughter decides she wants to jet off around the world but for now I have to remind our friends and family that we are doing the best we can while dodging the enormous obstacles in our way.

The question remains - How do you remain committed to the plan...  We are set to go back to France for the full school year, August 2016 to July 2017.   While we are in a small town in France we are not oblivious to the fact that these attacks can happen anywhere and to anyone especially since we never do stay put in Aix-les-Bains.  I refuse to allow these events to get in our heads and I won't let it stop us from living out our dream and providing this amazing opportunity for our daughter.  I hope she appreciates it as much as we do!

Our thoughts are prayers are with those who have been affected by these horrible events. We simply have to remain vigilant, and adapt to a new world - a world that is less safe than it was in the past.

How will these attacks impact your travel plans?