New Year's eve in France

New year, new adventure.  2016 is set to be quite exciting for all of us.  I wanted to start it off well with a small celebration of our accomplishments in the last year and to our new journey for 2016.  We had a great dinner, played a marathon of card and board games followed by watching a funny French variety show.  When the clock struck midnight we went out on our deck watched fireworks and listened to the crowds hollering in celebration - it was fabulous, I shed a small tear I must admit. Here's to our new life - at least for now!  Most NYE you start to think of what you'd like to do with the new year, what will you do differently this year and how you will change your life with renewed spirit.   Our resolutions include much travel that's a given, a change in pace as we promised ourselves with this move and a upgrade on our eating and exercise habits.  Fresher food, new ingredients and long walks!  STAY TUNED!