Annecy in January

So it's clear that we love Annecy, such a friendly, open and easy town.   If you have kids, a scooter and some good walking shoes, you are all set!   On this +14 Celsius day we decided to skip skiing for a walk through Annecy.  Last time we decided to visit we were surprised by the crowds as it was the annual clear out sale after Christmas for local merchants.  Apparently they don't observe a sort of "Boxing Day" as North Americans do, they wait until mid-January and the "Soldes" as they call them, run until mid February.  Great deals to be had although. This Saturday while it was bustling with tourists the town was a much calmer experience!  The magic of the Lac Annecy is not lost with many visits, you discover a new piece every time.  The pure, clear greenish water flows from the lake into the canals running through the "old town" (Annecy's historic centre), giving it its picturesque appearance of the "Venice of the Alps". (Source Tourism office).  Stunning with it's many varieties of ducks, and majestic swans.

With over 40kms of paved paths running alongside the lake, it's no wonder it attracts cyclists, joggers and those just out for a stroll.  We have not even touched the surface of this town with mountain activities such as hiking, mountain biking, via-ferrata, canyoning or paragliding.  For those with a less than athletic or adventurous side, Annecy offers tons of cultural activities including museum tours, castles, guided tours (walking and Segway boards!) and exhibitions. In fact, Annecy and its suburbs have received the much-coveted "Art and History" label and it's no wonder.

Follow this link for great information on the restoration of the lake and it's candidacy of the coveted UNESCO's World Heritage site, representing all the towns surrounding the lake, as a "natural and cultural site".

The lake : Surface area : 27 km². Length : 14,6 km. Width : 0,8 to 3,2 km. Height : 446,97 m. Average depth : 41 m. Maximum depth : 80 m. Volume : 1 124 500 000 m3.