The countdown is on

We've found our apartment, we've registered the kiddo in school, now back to Canada and the countdown begins.  October 7, 2015 to December 26, 2015, 80 days to go, in that time we must clear out and de-clutter another space, the cottage - our temporary home will also be rented.  Since it's on a ski hill we've been lucky to secure a winter rental which will help fund our 2016 adventure.  That means a few touch ups to the space we've owned for nearly 10 years,  a loved and lived second home.  It's a really great cottage but sometimes you overlook some defects - it's time to patch holes, replace old furniture and spruce it up so that the tenants will love it as much as we have.

This countdown means saving every penny, planning and research  and a torturous wait.  At least Christmas is to come.  We spent every weekend and at much time visiting with friends and family as we could, every visit explaining again our adventure and answering tons of questions.  I guess it can be hard for outsiders to understand the motives behind this.  Changing pace in your life is your choice and not everyone will get it.  We live in a culture of more, more and much more.  Better jobs, cars, houses and stuff.  It's all stuff and when you realize you don't need so much stuff and prefer experiences you seem to have to explain yourself over and over.  It sounds negative but it's been great to talk about this, it reminds us that we are doing the right thing for us and our family.