Travel Travel Travel

I cannot stay off Google Maps!  I think about Aix-Les-Bains every single day.  It doesn't help that i've subscribed to a million real estate agencies' eblast lists.  Besides looking for a place to live, I can find it quite addictive to look at countries that we want to travel to.  Marakesh, Greece, Rome, and Spain tops my list, and of course Switzerland.  With possible destinations such as these, the world really is ours to discover.  Groupon Getaways site has never been so great! Where would you go if the world were your oyster?  Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, they are all very accessible now.  Who would have thought that I could dream of Monaco and actually get there!  I suppose I need to come up with a new name to describe my sort of "bucket list" if you will.

I am fascinated with World War II and getting to that side of the world will be so exhilarating for me, I can't even imagine all of the history I will encounter.  While i'm certain it will be quite heavy, culture is not always happy and positive, history come with sadness and the story of so many before us.

Venice with it's wonderous islands and canals, the land of silk, grain and spice, how could I not be in heaven!  I consider myself and our family very lucky to be able to dream of this adventure and actually deploy it.  This crazy dream is coming true and I am so grateful to be giving this opportunity to our daughter.  I really hope she appreciates it as much as we do.  I think she will, she already considers herself lucky to have traveled to Cuba and to the US at such a young age.

My first trip was to Cuba as a young adult, I was 21 and it took me 8 months of planning and working three jobs to save for it.  I was hooked immediately and got the travel bug as a result.  I promise you this - WE WILL TRAVEL and alot, my hope is to spend every weekend away, whether it be within France or to one of these numerous destinations on my list!

Travel bucket list