Remedial French

I'm certain the French will not be kind to my slang French Canadian vocabulary so I'm doing my  best to brush up on my French grammar.  Words i'm excited about "cellier" for cellar, ahhh and "placard" for closets - as we hunt for apartments these are some fun ones.  My favorite is "invraisemblable" meaning incredible, impossible, how cool and definitely representative of what we're doing huh? While we speak French at home, my daughter is now fluent in English besides reading, she cannot read English yet, so I'm holding on to that and hopefully she'll have the cutest little French accent, I can only pray. Hubby will struggle as he learned French with our daughter but since our household is consumed in English right now it's a struggle to keep it up, it's certainly an effort.  Luckily he understands it well, but he may be even quieter than he already is.  

All I can hope is that we make plenty of friends including an English perhaps an expat for my husband, considering we are hoping to live in an apartment and I look forward to it.  Volunteering may help, I hope to find something that calls out to me to be involved in, if you know me, you know that I love kids, all kids, other people's kids and all ages so I think my daughter's school is a good start! Making connections and learning about the culture through the eyes of locals is so exciting to me and I CANNOT wait, have I said that yet!!!  Only 160 more days, yikes.