Selling everything we own is a full-time job

Seems fairly easy right, downsizing, selling, done.  First step is go through room by room, figuring what you want to keep and what you want to sell.  You really realize how much "stuff" you accumulate after a while.  Being in a large home has not helped us since in every nook and corner you can hide said "stuff" and deal with it later.  It's been quite a freeing experience to declutter our lives, to get rid of things I had been hanging to in hopes of passing them down to our daughter. I started purging aggressively and posting online for items to be sold, stashing every dollar we made in a vase marked "France 2016".  This was tougher than I thought it would be and was really a test of my patience.  Posting an item is one thing, answering questions about a $5 item, 20 times over can becoming pretty frustrating but I just kept thinking every dollar counts and "I'm doing this for France".  We held countless garage sales, welcoming tons of people into our home to pick up sold items but what really took me a back was the lack of respect people would have for our time.  Last weekend we had 18 scheduled appointments of individuals who were coming over to pick up the item they commented on, sent me messages about and generally expressed an interest in buying but only 2 people showed up.  To say this experience has been frustrating is a huge understatement it's been down right annoying, the worst part was that I felt so bad for our daughter who sat around being bored most sunny evenings and weekends because we couldn't leave since someone was coming over to pick something up only to discover that they didn't show up and didn't respond to my messages.  Even she became a bit jaded about this process and that to me was unfair and quite sad.

Hopefully this taught her a lesson in keeping your commitments because at the end of this appointment is someone waiting to go biking with their daughter!  The best story I have for you is one of a particular item I was selling.  I post a picture of a box of random flowering pots and accessories for sale, asking $5 many people are interested but this one lady responds asking if I would be willing to split the lot because she only needs a few pieces.  I laugh and think ok that's fair she may not have the budget to pay the $5, who am I to judge but respond "no sorry selling as a lot".  You have to remember that's it's not only about making the money here, I also have to get rid of these things.  The lady agrees to come by and grab the lot as a whole one evening, she drives in to my driveway an hour late and in a high end luxury vehicle which likely cost her about $50k+, I had to laugh and share because THIS is what I'm dealing with... sigh!