And so it begins

I mentioned in my first post that I always wanted to live abroad.  I love the adventure of starting new, in a world that is foreign to me to be discovered.  I enjoy learning about new food, places and people.   We talked about it a great deal, watched a lot of House Hunters International but it was always a spec in our long list of things to do when we retire.   It hit me this year when my 9 year old daughter starting competitive ski racing and decisions were to be made about the level of involvement we would move forward with for the following winter season.  Keeping up with the Jones' would dictate that we would have her skiing both days of the weekend, following her aimlessly through racing competitions across the province and we would just simply accept that as "the way it goes".   Sounds great from a far but having a large home in the city, a child in a competitive program, and self-employment to contend with, oh and did I mention my husband volunteers for the Canadian Ski Patrol every other weekend.  This makes for a very busy Monday to Friday with no down time on weekends.

I knew there had to be better.  So what, hubby quits ski patrol, daughter leaves the ski program?  That would be good, we wouldn't be committed to being on a ski hill every single weekend and that would essentially mean more weekends at home to maintain an over 2200 square foot home.  But who wants to do that?  I asked myself what is it that will help slow us down... Maintaining that size home is a clear burden, one that is heavy on two "not so handy" people, it's a beautiful home with a large lot and we definitely scored when we purchased it but maintenance of said home requires a great deal of attention and we both couldn't be bothered.

Once my husband and I finally had time to talk through the logistics of "how would this work" if we were to move abroad it became apparent that neither of us are really ready to sell our home.  "Let's rent it out", we are in a family friendly neighborhood with tons of amenities, a great deal of green space no problem right!  Right, we actually found a renter and it wasn't that difficult, sure these people will live in our home with their children and that's tough to comprehend if your home is brand new but our house is 50 years old and it's lived in, that's a nice way of saying it's a mess anyway.  What I consider a mess may be a gem to others, so I over exaggerate slightly!

Ok so we have a renter for our home and they want to move in July 1 and it's April, wow ok so that means we need to sell everything we own and settle on a leave date for France.  This is no easy task to take on so baby steps I say, every good idea needs a plan and this is ours!  Start with selling everything we own, move into our condo on the ski hill for the summer, put our daughter in school in that community from September to December THEN we take off to France and start 2016 with a bang from our lovely new flat in Aix-Les-Bains!