About Us

Who are these people you say!  Well we are just a couple of crazy Canadians with a sense of adventure and craving for culture.  Married 9 years,  my hubby and I decided long ago that one child was plenty for us.  Our gorgeous and oh so sassy daughter is our pride and joy, she is smart, so beautiful and has the sweetest personality.  Having one child has allowed us to do so many cool things, and this is one of them!!

Our home is in Ottawa, Ontario in the heart of suburbia, we got lucky we really did.  We purchased our bungalow 9 years ago, a great home for a large family!  Part of this journey is the need to downsize and enjoy living in a smaller space.  We also own a ski condo in an adorable little village called Lac Sainte-Marie, Quebec, luxuries of having one child = greater disposable income!

We are taking this wonderful  opportunity to travel, to discover new places and ourselves.  But first we are off to Aix-les-Bains France in the heart of the French Alps where we’ll settle a smaller home base.  Follow our journey from start to finish where we transition from our home, to our condo then to FRANCE, using our central location to travel the world.  Stay tuned!

Here’s how it all started back – read our first blog post from May 2015